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We protect your works from plagiarism and unauthorized use. We create value for you by making your works unique.

Behind your creative act, be it artistic, technical, legal, musical, etc., there is commitment, work and investment of time and money that make it worthy of legal protection so that your merits are recognized.

The problem is that your ideas, even the most brilliant and innovative, are not protected until you concretize them in a text, a score, a painting, a legal opinion, a technical drawing, a fashion croquis, etc.

The other problem is that "it’s a jungle out there," and by "out there," we mean above all the net. Nowadays the possibility of our works being copied is very high. Posting them online means throwing them in an open sea where anyone can fish them out and use them to their advantage.

That is why it is necessary that you can at all times provide proof that your work is yours and that you have declared it to the world before anyone tries to exploit it.

You have to prove that the work is yours
Protecting your work creates value

That is one of the reasons why Slenos was born: to allow you to provide that evidence if any bad fellow tries to copy or use it (and of course we hope not).

There is another reason why you must protect your work through Slenos: to apply the principle of scarcity to your work and, through this, to add even more value to it. I’ll give you an example.

If you create a text in word and send it to another person, he/she can duplicate the file and the same thing can be done by all the other people who come into possession of it. The consequence is that your document is no longer unique. If, on the other hand, you pass that text printed on a particular paper that cannot even be photocopied, then, despite all the transfers, that sheet and, above all, the document printed on it, will remain unique. In terms of value, the fact that the document sent to the colleague in word format can be duplicated indefinitely does not give it any value.

On the contrary, it is evident that the same text printed so that it cannot be duplicated in any way, will gradually take on more and more value as the demand for it increases. If, on the other hand, the word file (which is a digital asset) is inserted in a blockchain, it becomes immediately unique and it will not be possible to duplicate it without recognizing its paternity. In other words, the blockchain makes it possible to apply the concept of scarcity of real-world assets to the digital world because allows the creation of unique digital assets which acquire their own value as they are unique.

I don’t want to bore you with all the fabulous features of blockchain because the network is full of news about this technology. Just take note that the key feature is the immutability of the things that are deposited there.

Slenos protects your work with blockchain
Slenos protects your musical work with blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Moreover, the inclusion of your work in the blockchain through Slenos produces the legal effects of the electronic time stamp referred to in Article 41 of Regulation (EU) no. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 23 July 2014 "(art. 8-ter, c. 3) allowing you to establish the existence of your work starting from the date of filing on Slenos and the enforceability of the date of deposit with third parties.

On musical works, Slenos does even more. Slenos uses a technology that detects the "audio fingerprint" of music tracks. The audio fingerprint is a "summary" of the attributes of an audio signal and its identification allows you to compare the piece of music from which it is extracted with those contained in a database so as to verify if the song contains elements whose authorship is of third parties. It is therefore a technology that aims to detect possible counterfeits in musical works.

These are the benefits of depositing your works at Slenos: they become certain in your fatherhood, on the date you have declared your fatherhood, unchangeable and unique. In a word, your works acquire the value you deserve.

Slenos gives value to your works

Slenos: we protect your works from plagiarism and unauthorized use. We create value for you by making your works unique.

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